ESG principles compliance

The development strategy, determined by the founders of VLADEX Company s.r.o. from the moment of its establishment, took into account modern principles of ecology, social responsibility and sustainable business development (so-called ESG principles – Environment, Social, Governance).

Driven by the desire to achieve positive shifts in the chosen areas of activity, the company complies with the requirements of the law and uses advanced methods and standards in its work, while constantly improving them.
The commitment to responsible business conduct is implemented by VLADEX Company s.r.o. through the implementation of ethical standards and principles of social responsibility in everyday practice in every aspect of the tasks being solved: from the depth of study of material for seminars and the choice of training and consulting methods, to taking into account the efficient use of energy and water resources in real estate management, as well as the reuse of materials and waste reduction when doing bookkeeping.

In order to adapt the services offered to the continuous rapid changes in the surrounding world, the company tries to take into account the emotional health, social connections and positive mood of clients in its work. The openness of the company’s staff to confidential communication helps the client feel that he is valued and respected.

To ensure the highest level of employee performance, the company maintains the enthusiasm and interest of its customers in maximizing the potential of the joint area of responsibility through continuous training and information.

The company selects clients and partners who share a responsible attitude to the problems of choice and possible, including non-financial, risks at each stage of the provision of services, whether it is real estate management or bookkeeping.

Environmental protection, the interests of the local community and sustainable development of the company occupy an important place in the system of corporate values of VLADEX Company s.r.o., which determines the adoption of effective management decisions.