Seminars and training


We organize two seminars for the owners of limited liability company (s.r.o.) registered in Czech Republic. The main topics of the first one are the legal status, responsibilities and obligations of the executive (jednatel). The second seminar is talking about wage and remuniration, taxes and types of contracts, hiring foreigners and labor contract specifics.

For the foreigners the main emphasis is placed on minimizing the negative impact that could result from ignorance of Czech legislation.


We offer training “Developing Soft Skills in the Family” for children and their parents. Training focused on 20 soft skills, defined by National System of Professions: effective communication, teamwork, creativity, flexibility, satisfying customer needs, performance, independence, problem-solving, work planning and organization, lifetime learning, active approach, stress management, information discovery and orientation, leadership and persuasion.

On top of that a one more important soft skill is training – work ethics.